But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Luke 18: 16

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent IV, The Wise Men (Dec. 22nd)

Season of the Church Year: Advent (purple) 
Story in Scripture: Matthew 2: 1-12
As we have learned together through the weeks of Advent, we have followed the journey of the Prophets, Mary and Joseph, and the Sheperds. This week, we celebrate the inclusion of the three “Wise Men” in God’s Gospel story. These learned men were charged by King Herod to find the Christ child that had been prophesied. We know that King Herod intended to destroy his “competition,” once they found out where the baby was. One of the most significant aspects of this story is that the Wise Men were experts in their various areas of academia- they were perhaps the most skeptical of those that visited Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Yet they worship him, acknowleding his divinity. What a beautiful illustration of how knowledge and mystery can both manifest in our faith and understanding of who God is. As Advent draws us closer and closer to Christmas morning, I pray that your families will take time each day to be still and quiet, relishing the anticipation of the celebration of the birth of Jesus. In joyfully welcoming Christmas, we have the opportunity to also look forward to and await the Resurrection and God’s glorious redemption. Praise be to God! Many resources are still available for checkout in the trinityKids Advent Library in the Gathering Room.

Guiding Questions for Discussion:
I wonder what the Wise Men were thinking when Herod sent them to find the baby Jesus?
These men were very smart and had learned about a lot of things- the stars, history, the natural world… I wonder if they had learned about what the prophets said about Jesus? I wonder how they felt when the realized that the prophets words were true?
I wonder what their journey to Bethlehem was like? I wonder what they brought with them as they traveled?
I wonder what they thought they would find when they arrived in Bethlehem? Do you think they were expecting to find the King of the World as a baby in a manger?


“Dear God, thank you for the story of the Wise Men. We know that you are with us as we learn, as we wonder, and as we ask questions. We are so glad that you have included us in the story of Jesus’ birth. As Christmas gets closer, help us to remember that we are so blessed to celebrate that you have come to be with us and that you provide all that we need. Amen.”

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