But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Luke 18: 16

Trinity Kids provides spiritual guidance, education, & community for children from infancy through 5th grade. For Preschool through 5th grade, the “contemplative model”; of children’s ministry is used to provide the framework for learning about the stories of the Bible, with a focus back to the gospel & salvation of Jesus Christ. Lessons and discussions are hands-on, reflective, and open-ended. Please contact Julia Guy (julia@trinityanglicanmission.org) with any questions or to learn more about Godly Play and the contemplative model.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pentecost (June 12th)

Season of the Church Year: Pentecost (red)
Story in Scripture: Acts 2

This week, we learned the story of Pentecost. Children learned about the mystery of the Holy Spirit, coming to indwell the disciples and those that follow Christ. We will focus quite a bit on the miracle of language and communication about God. The disciples were able to speak in the various languages of the people there that day- this is very exciting to imagine! I recommend that you talk with your child about the various ways that God will equip them to share the gospel- sometimes in unexpected ways, but always with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Guiding Questions for Discussion:
I wonder what it felt like to receive the Holy Spirit on Pentecost?
I wonder how Jesus’ friends felt as they told the amazing things about God?
I wonder what it was like for the people from all different places to hear the amazing words in their very own language?

“Dear Father, thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Please be with me when I talk to others about Jesus and your love. Go along with me as I serve others to help them in whatever way I can. Help me to share about you in a way that others will understand so that they can know you too. I love you and I know that you are with me, through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Looking forward:
Next week, we will learn about Baptism. Begin discussing this important topic with your child by reading Acts 2:38- 39 & Matthew 28: 18-20 together.

Ascension (June 5th)

Season of the Church Year: Easter  (white)
Story in Scripture: Luke 24:44-53; John 14-17; Acts 1:1-11

This week, we learned the story of Jesus’ ascension. This is a particularly mysterious story with many various perspectives and interpretations throughout history. The primary theme we will return to in our lesson is the concept that Jesus was changed in an incredible way and that he was present with his friends before returning to the Father. Also, we will speak a lot about his promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit. I recommend that you encourage your child to embrace their questions and pray specifically to God for understanding and clarity.

Guiding Questions for Discussion:
I wonder how Jesus’ friends felt when Jesus went away?
I wonder if they kept looking for Jesus?
I wonder how they knew Jesus was still with them?

“Dear Father, thank you for saving me through the death of your son. Please help me to understand your kingdom and to look forward to the day when it will come to complete the beauty of your creation. Thank you for the stories of the Bible that help me to learn about Jesus and his friends. Amen.”

You may also pray the Lord’s Prayer, with specific attention on “Your Kingdom come…” 

Looking forward:
Next week, we will celebrate Pentecost Sunday! Read ahead with your child in Acts 2. 

Weekly Family Pages

Beginning in June, students will be given a "Family Page" each Sunday as they leave their classrooms. These will provide a summary of the day's lesson, as well as talking points, prayers, and scripture to enable your family to continue the discussion at home. Please take a moment after church each Sunday to ask your child about their learning, encourage an open discourse about their questions, and continue to pray for understanding and wisdom. I will also be posting each week's information here, so that you can access it even if the paper doesn't make it all the way home. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Learning through the Parables; Preparing for VBS

     During Vacation Bible School this summer, students will be focusing on the parables that were told during Jesus’ ministry. When we teach about parables on Sundays, we often say, “A parable is like a door… sometimes that door opens easily and we are able to clearly see what is happening inside. At other times, the door seems to be locked. We try to understand, but it is still a great mystery. That is the way parables often are. Sometimes, you will open the door one day, but when you return to it, it will seem more difficult to open and understand. That’s okay. Jesus told parables to help us to better understand the Kingdom of Heaven. It is such a great mystery that these stories help us to begin to see what Jesus was talking about. They can be very confusing, but that is why we return to them again and again, even as we get older.” Throughout the week of VBS, we will address the many parables of the New Testament, but we will also learn about story-telling and the power of sharing life through our own stories, imaginary or anecdotal.
     Children entering Kindergarten- second grade will attend from 9:00 am- 12:00 noon daily . Children entering third- fifth grade are welcome to stay from 9:00 am- 3:00 pm daily. Also, Youth in sixth- eighth grade may participate as Junior Counselors. Saturday will be a celebration picnic and field trip: from 9:00 am- 2:00 pm for all children and their families. Please join us in studying the parables through story-telling, singing, play, creation, and service!!