But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Luke 18: 16

Trinity Kids provides spiritual guidance, education, & community for children from infancy through 5th grade. For Preschool through 5th grade, the “contemplative model”; of children’s ministry is used to provide the framework for learning about the stories of the Bible, with a focus back to the gospel & salvation of Jesus Christ. Lessons and discussions are hands-on, reflective, and open-ended. Please contact Julia Guy (julia@trinityanglicanmission.org) with any questions or to learn more about Godly Play and the contemplative model.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Worship Sunday (July 13th)

Season of the Church Year: Easter Season (Liturgical Color: White)
Story in Scripture: Psalm 95:6  
This Sunday, your child participated in a musical and art-centered worship time with their classmates and teachers. Throughout the past few weeks, we have been learning a lot about the Bible, the ways of God, and the promise of Jesus' salvation. Today, we spent time worshipping, praying, creating, and considering how they might create a sanctuary in their heart so as to fully worship and adore God. As with other activities, we approach this time of worship by focusing not only on transferring "head" or cognitive knowledge of God and the Bible, but invite children to interact with both. We have chosen this way because we believe it invites them to become active participants in their spiritual growth. In our children's worship setting, we want to educate children in Lord Jesus Christ, more so than simply teaching about him and his word. Sharing God's word through storytelling, art response, and musical worship not only engages their mind, but also goes straight to the heart and draws them in. It keeps God's truths in context and allows the children to roam and explore the richness of his word. By storytelling and responsive worship, we invite them to connect with the characters and themes of the Bible- which in turn teaches them about themselves. Maybe this is the reason Jesus chose to teach this way too. 

Guiding Questions for Discussion: 

I wonder what it means to worship? 
I wonder why God wants us to make a sanctuary in our own hearts to spend time with him. 
I wonder how you like to worship?
I wonder how Jesus worshipped God in his own life? 
I wonder how I might worship like Jesus? 


“Father, thank you for the opportunity to worship you. You are so wonderful and I am thankful every day for all the blessings around me. Help me to remember to worship you with my words, in my responses, and in my actions. I adore you and worship you. You are the one true creator God. I love you. Amen." 

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